VCP 4 prep objective 8.3 – Perform Basic Troubleshooting for Networking

Objective 8.3 – Perform Basic Troubleshooting for Networking

Verifying virtual machine is connected to the correct portgroup

Verifying a virtual machines network configuration can be performed by right clicking the virtual machine in questions > edit settings > virtual machine network settings; check the network label references the correct port group. In you change the port group a virtual machine is assigned to then it may be necessary to renew the DHCP lease.

Verifying that port group settings are correct

vSwitch settings can be verified relatively easy by clicking the callout on the lefthand side of the portgroup. DvSwitch settings can be verified by clicking the bubble to the right of the distributed network switch name. To reconfigure any settings go to the networking inventory view.

verifying that the network adapter is connected within the virtual machine

To check the virtual machines network adapter is connected and assigned to a portgroup go to the virtual machine in question > right click edit settings > select the network adapter #. The connection options are: connected at power on and connected. valid portgroups can be selected from a drop down list.

Verifying a virtual machine network adapter settings

ipconfig or ifconfig would be used to determine the IP configuration of a Windows and Linux computer respectively. When VMware tools are installed the IP information can be found on the vsphere summary page of the virtual machine in question.

Verifying physical network adapter settings

The vsphere client allows you to verify the devices VMKernel and vendor information, negotiated and configured speed and duplex, vSwitch assigned to the adapter, MAC address and observed IP ranges and if WOL if supported.

Verifying vSphere network managment settings

ESX uses a service console port

ESXi uses a VMkernel management port

To verify the configuration go to the configuration tab > networking > standard virtual switch or distributed virtual switch > select vSwitch > portgroup > edit Or select manage virtual adapters

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